Family Support Services

*Achieve a healthy and safe home environment by providing proper care, safety, and nurturing directives towards parents and children.

*Enhance communication skills between children and families.

*Provide a variety of parenting techniques to improve the interaction within the family unit.

*Teach and demonstrate meal planning and food preparation.

*Assist in learning money management skills, housekeeping skills, finding adequate housing, and seeking and maintaining employment.

*Assist individuals who seek independent living skills to be more self-sufficient.

Supervised Visitation Services

*Ensure that topics of conversation are appropriate and family members are maintaining appropriate roles.

*Ensure that visits are positive, productive, and that family activities are appropriate and involve all family members.

*Ensure that proper nutrition is provided and planned for by the parent on each visit.

*Provide service reports, which document all aspects of our contact with a family.

Drug Screen Testing

All testing is random and/or scheduled

Types of tests: Alcohol breathalyzer, using Alco-Mate Premium Digital Breath Alcohol Tester.

*12 Panel urine sample

*6 Panel Saliva swab

*9 Panel Sweat Patch

*Results will be sent to a laboratory for confirmation. 

Community Youth Coaching

Community Youth Coaching (CYC) is a youth-guided, family-driven detention alternative that provides an innovative, individualized alternative to detention, strengthening community safety and appearance in court through intensive relationship building, skill-building, and positive youth development.

CYC will serve as positive role models, provide advocacy and individualized coaching, and support the youth in building and developing critical problem-solving strategies to help interrupt cycles of negative behavior. 

GPS Monitoring

GPS monitoring utilizes a bracelet with real-time satellite tracking, which allow a juvenile’s movement to be monitored at all times and can include inclusion and exclusion zones. Built-in security features provide notification if the juvenile has tampered with, attempted to remove, and/or removed the device. This service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days per year without interruption. 

Private Pay Services

We not only provide services through a contract with the State of Nebraska, but we also provide private services for individuals involved in divorce, custody, and other cases. 


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About us

Family Skill Building Services opened its doors in September of 2001 in North Platte, with a handful of dedicated employees offering three services. We now have four additional offices and our staff members share over 40 years of combined experience in the Family Support and Juvenile Services fields, and are trained to offer an array of services. We offer these services to families across Western Nebraska, with offices in Lexington, McCook, Ogallala, and North Platte.

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